Thursday, 20 October 2016

First Aid Training

On Wednesday, Claire from the British Red Cross came to give us some life saving skills. We learnt  what to do if someone was fitting, if they were unresponsive and also how to treat immediate burns.

 Check to see if the patient is responsive by gently placing your hands on their shoulders and talking to them.

 Place your cheek near their mouth to see if you can feel them breathing, look to see if their chest if moving too.
 Gently push them onto their side and tilt their head back.
 Claire taught us about the history of the British Red Cross too.
 You can use a plastic bag to keep a burn clean.
 And any cold liquid you can drink can be used to treat a burn (we didn't know this!)
Henry and Tom volunteered to show the rest of the group what to do.

It was a really interesting afternoon and we now all feel much more confident with what to do in the event of an emergency!

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