Friday, 24 March 2017


What a great day so far!! Year 6 are a sea of redness and have donated hugely to a very worthy cause. We've stuffed our faces with some delicious cakes (Miss Wilkinson included!) and generally enjoyed ourselves 😏
 Tom having fun whilst eating!
 Thanks to these two for all the organising they did.
 Seren sold some yummy cakes...
 Here comes trouble...just joking!
 One way to keep them all quiet!
 Best brownies and carrot cake from these three...And a brilliant photo bomb from Lilly!
                                     Nice glasses Henry!
                                           Having fun for a good cause.
                   Two very happy cake eaters...
               There's no such thing as too much cake apparently!

What a fantastic effort from everybody and a very satisfying end to a busy week.

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