Thursday, 9 March 2017

OOBLECK SLIME!! Science Week (day 3)

AAAAAGH! Attacked by slime!
Actually, we made our own using just corn flour and water. The brilliant thing about oobleck slime is that it is a solid AND a liquid. How? Just look at our photos for the evidence.
 It's not dripping, so it's a solid.
 It's stuck to my hand, definitely a solid.
 A solid nugget of slime?
 No liquid here!
It was a liquid but now it's not!
 It's flowing into the bowl, so it must be a liquid.
 Definitely a liquid here.
 How can we turn it into a solid?
Halfway between a liquid and a solid?

It was a fun, messy and scientific afternoon!
Tomorrow is our last day for building our marble runs...who will make it into the grand final????

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