Monday, 6 March 2017

Science Week (day 1)

So, we've designed our marble runs and today we started building them. Mrs Wilkinson feels she can start up her own recycling centre, there is cardboard everywhere!!!
Here are the teams:
 Daniel, Bradley, George, Michael, Lennon and Bernard (and a lot of cardboard!)
 Oli, Freddie, Finley, Paul and Billie-Jo (and a box of polystyrene)
 Maisie and Gracie (queens of the pringle tubes)
 Ben, Anabella, Tia, Bronya and Matthew (their design is crazy!)

 Libby and Seren (this one should look good with all that wrapping paper!)
 Luke, Nathan, Harry and Isaac (tubes ahoy)
 Tom, Connor, Alec, Will and Henry (soooo much cardboard!!)
Lauren, Isabelle and Lilly (lots of tubes here too!)
Photos will be posted everyday of our builds so far...keep checking to see their progress.

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